Friday, February 19, 2010

Byrd & Bleecker shop: stationery, books, kids art & more.

I'm so glad I came across Byrd and Bleecker.  This shop is inviting & offers many unique items such as letter press stationery, coffee table books, children's artwork & more! It's conveniently located in Fort Worth, Texas (another Texas discovery), for all you Texans who are looking for a hip shop to visit. I love these types of stores! They are charming & are are the kinds of businesses you feel proud to have in your neighborhood.  If anyone has visited Byrd and Bleecker, please let us all know what you thought. 

A for me, I'm going to relax & take in some good food as well as some much-needed quality time with my husband. We actually saw Valentine's Day last week, so I don't think movies are in our forecast this weekend. And yes, we did enjoy the movie!  

Do you have any interesting plans this weekend??

Do you have any interesting plans this weekend??

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