Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chic in LA: Kelly Wearstler's Office

When I was planning my trip to LA, I thought about how fun it would be to visit Kelly Wearstler's office. I had seen the first four images that I've posted on her website and could already tell it would be amazing. I later decided that she would probably be busy so I didn't end up contacting her so imagine my delight when Andrea Borda Standford of C Magazine planned it for me! It was definitely the highlight of the day of design for me and Maison21! The visit occurred around 5:00pm Friday so needless to say, none of us, including the office, were ready for our close up! I did manage to take a few shots of the entry and conference rooms but I also couldn't photograph part of the office due to some top secret projects that were on display! By the way, the fact that Kelly was in the office that late on a Friday should tell you something about her work ethic!

I wish I had been able to take a photo of the watercolor sketches for her new designs for The Rug Company that were tacked to the wall. They were absolutely gorgeous and made me want to go out and buy a set of paints!

I love the niches where the books are displayed in this styled photo of the office.

In addition to design, Kelly is branching out into fashion and jewelry. A lot of people have been skeptical of this move but if Oscar de la Renta and other fashion designers can go into home design, why can't an interior designer move into fashion?! It's clear with Kelly that her creativity is so strong that she can't harness it into just one medium!

Kelly's office is in the same building as her hairdresser, Sally Hershberger. If there was a hair salon above my office, I'd be up there everyday for a blow out!

This is what greats you as you exit the elevator! It was even better in person!

I love Kelly's taste in art and her ability to mix various styles and periods in her work.

In this shot, you can see the great light fixture and floor to ceiling windows, the best part of LA!

Here is my shot of one of the conference rooms. That painting is so gorgeous and I love the coral carpet! I also love the brass trim on the double doors.

I'm wondering why there aren't any books on display. I asked Kelly about her vintage book collection and she said those were kept at home. I can only imagine how fabulous her collection must be in person!

Kelly was actually working in the larger conference room when we arrived. As I mentioned, we were all tired after a long day and week so none of us wanted to have our photo taken but that doesn't mean that Kelly didn't look chic! She was wearing a long camp style shirt with short rolled up sleeves, black leggings, bright yellow pumps and tons of fabulous jewelry!

I know that sometimes people don't get Kelly Wearstler but I really admire her. She wrote many years ago that she wanted to own her own "marvelous design and furnishings business" and she turned her dream into a reality. Just being at her office and in her presence made me feel inspired and motivated to keep plugging away at my own dreams! I want to thank Andrea for setting it up and Kelly for taking time out of her busy day to meet with us. I was about to say that it was a great way to end the day but there was one more fabulous surprise to await us that day! Stay tuned for details!

Photos from www.kwid.com and by Heather Clawson for Habitually Chic

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