Sunday, March 14, 2010

Planning for LA

I had a few readers ask if I was going to post my outfits for LA like I did for my trip to Paris and since I'm still not exactly sure what I should be wearing, I start planning them out! These outfits are my first run through of options that I think will work. As I mentioned previously, LA is much more casual than New York but some of these looks are my version of casual. I've also heard conflicting advice as to whether white jeans are acceptable so I decided to just go for it and include them. I can always swap them out for my dark jeans if I get there and realize that they are indeed inappropriate. I'll also be changing each night for dinner and I think I might need to add another dress outfit but that just might give me an excuse to go shopping when I get there!

I'm still undecided on what to wear on the plane and the above outfit might work. It will be chilly when I leave New York but I don't want to wear a heavy coat since I won't need it in LA so I think my old Helmut Lang anorak could be a good outerwear option. I've also been advised that I need to wear layers in LA so the tee shirt means that I can peel off J. Crew cashmere sweater when I get hot. Even though it's white, my Goyard tote is perfect for packing all my reading materials for the plane and I can't wait to wear my new Jack Rogers flats! My Hermes watch with the blue band will also add a pop of color.

Again, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to wear white but this could be a good casual outfit for driving up the coast or hitting the Farmer's Market where I hear they have great fish tacos!

We have some fancy stuff planned while I'm in LA and I will be meeting some important peeps so for some of the days, I might need to be a little more dressed up. I thought this black J. Crew jacket would work with my silk Rag & Bone tank and white jeans. I have been told that the girls in LA are still wearing boots but the whole point of my going away is so that I don't have to wear boots so I will be wearing my Roger Vivier sandals as much as possible! I also plan to take a page out of Rachel Zoe's book and bring my black Birkin. I've also been told that I need a scarf so I'm packing two, including this black one from Club Monaco.

If I can't wear white jeans, then this outfit of black jacket and blush colored top with dark jeans is my alternate choice. I am very excited to wear my Phillip Lim ribbon necklace again!

If I need a slightly more casual outfit, than I can replace the blazer with this black Phillip Lim cardigan. Although, it does have some beading on it so maybe it's not really any more casual!

Again, my idea of casual is a blazer and jeans so I hope I can wear this white linen and cotton version from J. Crew. It's actually a little more on the winter white side so I'm going to make it work! If it's too cold for the Roger Vivier sandals, I am also going to pack an old pair of black Loeffler Randall flats. The necklace is from Asha by ADM.

I'm trying to plan outfits with components that can be worn more than once and the white blazer could also work for a casual night out with the blush top, Phillip Lim necklace and my vintage gold clutch. I also have a blush colored cashmere scarf to complete the look.

For a dressier night on the town, I am packing my plum colored Phillip Lim jersey dress. Since it will be chilly at night, I will top it off with one of the black blazers and the black cashmere scarf. The heels are Christian Louboutin, the belt is new from Marni, the gold bracelet is from J. Crew and the ring is from Marcia Moran.

I am debating if this Phillip Lim dress with the attached rhinestone bib necklace is a little too dressy for LA but I could always cover it up with the black scarf. Rolling up the sleeves on the jacket might help dress it down as will the tan clutch from Club Monaco and Lanvin bracelets. Or maybe not. I feel like I should just wear a sign in LA that says I'm visiting from New York and this is as casual as I get!

I was also trying to pare down the essentials in my handbag. For this trip, I'll definitely need my make up case, Goyard business card holder, pink agenda, orange receipt envelope, wallet, Mason Pearson hair brush, passport (it has a better photo than my driver's license!), CrackBerry, camera and case with extra memory cards and battery, and Tom Ford sunglasses.

Luckily, I don't leave until Thursday so I have a few more days to tweak my "casual" outfits and wrestle my Hartman suitcase out of the closet to start packing. Just hope it's not over the weight limit like it was in Paris!

All photos by Heather Clawson for Habitually Chic

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