Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kitchen Trends....Miele Automatic Coffee Maker

I love NEW kitchen trends....well, not all trends. However, Miele has designed a really nice high-end machine that is scratch resistant and anti-fingerprint. Love it already....oh and of course it makes cappuccinos! (my fave) This machine uses the Nespresso capsule coffee system and for all you cappuccino LOVERS, Miele has designed a unique cup for frothing the milk!

Also, you don't need a special connection for this built-in machine, it does EVERYTHING right from it's central piece. I'm hoping I will own one of these for my home (one day). Of course,  I would then blog about it with reviews & let you know what I thought.  :) They aren't cheap though, one of these bad boys will run you about $2400! That is what you'll have to pay if you want the VERY best at a push of a button!

Do you own a Miele or other automatic built-in coffee machine? If so, how do you like yours??

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