Wednesday, May 12, 2010

House Beautiful Fabrics For Your Home .....

Remember when I blogged about the "Colors For Your Home" book here?  Well, I was sent this book (House Beautiful Fabrics For Your Home) by Sterling Publishing and I have to's just as helpful & informative! It talks about how to pull the look of a room together by selecting specific fabrics while providing a mix of practical information & INSPIRATION for the home decorator (like me)!  

It also includes insider advice on how to THINK about color, pattern & palette. This, I admit I have trouble with...selecting the best pattern combos. They also have a great searchable swatch index you can flip through (very handy)....and lots more! I highly recommend this book! You can purchase copy here.

Do any of you own this book?? How do you like it?

images by jen ramos 

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