Monday, October 25, 2010

Thinking About My Dining Area....(Via Made By Girl)

It's MONDAY & I'm STILL re-arranging boxes/items around & expecting shipments (from stuff I've ordered) to arrive! Sooooo all still a work in progress! However, my dining area is one room I've been designing in my head. I've ordered a few items & here's what I have so far.  (Minus the artwork, may just paint it myself)

After careful consideration I decided on the ZGallerie Axel dining table. I really liked the thickness of the wood and also figured that I probably wasn't going to like SMACKING my feet into this table, which was my original choice. I also chose the amazing LARGE Celon beaded chandelier from Ballard. After I bought the Atoll Mirror, I was sent a 20% discount coupon, (so I had to take advantage of it...I love discounts!). Let me know your I always I read them all!

Nothing is set in stone, even though I've purchased all of these items...I can always place them elsewhere..... 

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