Friday, October 22, 2010

Thinking About My Office....(Via Made By Girl)

Remember my old office space? Well, I'm missing it right now just a bit!  I was SO excited when I re-did it earlier this year (see pics here). At the time, it felt so great to work in a NEW space! Well, now I have another blank office to work with and this time it will be a many ways. Even though most of the furniture is with me, the decor is what will change.
I have some IDEAS but would love to hear your input & recommendations. Since this space doesn't accommodate the 2 Parsons desks together, this is where it will be placed.  I have a desire to place wallpaper on the wall directly in front of my desk & even though I'm contemplating an animal print paper, I'm NOT sold on it yet!!   

Any thoughts on what kind of wallpaper for my wall?? Will the animal print paper work here?
Ok, DON'T LAUGH...this is just a mock-up I did super fast in Photoshop so  that I could get a clear picture of what it might look like. Ha!

Who knows..I may TOTALLY HATE this idea in a few days...I'm like that.

Maybe I should just paint a really LARGE canvas and place it over my desk...hmmmm

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