Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Visit Nordisk Eksotisk...Book Review (Via Made By Girl)

Authors, Iben & Niels Ahlberg sent this gorgeous & inspiring book to me from Denmark! I knew you all would LOVE it... so I'd like to share some images with you! 

VISIT Nordisk Eksotisk is the first title in the Visit Series about Scandinavian Interiors. There will be another title published at the end of November as well (can't wait!) The 'Visit' book is in Danish but it ALSO includes an insert with English text, which is convenient since I DON'T speak Danish!! I've already started reading mine....it explains all the pages and what you're seeing in detail!

The book showcases their own home as well as a few others. I'm already feeling INSPIRED flipping through all the pages. I love the touches of solid black furniture & lighting you see throughout, especially up against the stark white walls.

I'm so ENAMORED with this book & is now one of my favorites. It has 163 pages of cull-color and definitely worth a look! For more on this book, you can also read my previous post here.

If you're interested in PURCHASING a copy of the book click here.

              images via visit

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