Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Encyclopedia of the Exquisite

The Encyclopedia of the Exquisite is a book after my own heart.  I love the title and I love the premise.  Author Jessica Kerwin Jenkins was an editor at W magazine and while covering stories around the world, kept a folder full of interesting clippings, photos and "other ephemera."  She said recently, "every time I came across something that was just breathtakingly lovely, something that made me sigh with wonder, into the file it went." Sounds like every blogger I know.  Her files have now been compiled into a book that Michael Kors declared, "a wonderful melange of chic and amusing tidbits" that made him smile.  I love learning new things and I have a feeling I will also be smiling with delight at this exquisite little book.  Also looks like a perfect gift for the holidays! 

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