Friday, November 12, 2010

Is Your Guy Clueless During the Holidays?.... (Via Made By Girl)

Sometimes MEN can be CLUELESS when it comes to giving gifts.  For instance, last year MY guy asked me what I wanted....(I wanted a surprise) but how do you tell him YOU WANT A SURPRISE, then it's NO longer a surprise! Duh.

Either way, I give him credit for TRYING, even if he does bring me something I never even thought of buying for myself. Like socks....

This year I've decided to take a NEW approach (take notes ladies), I've decided to post my wish list via my blog for him to peek at. Here he'll be able to select one, two or three of the items to give to me as Christmas gift this year. Brilliant!

It's WEIRD because he knows me VERY well, but sometimes he just gets STUCK on what to get me. BABE, now I've made it easy for you, just choose.
Now, I'm sure he'll hit the mark, I'm quite relieved!

Is your guy clueless when it comes to gift-giving??  OR Does he usually hit the mark?

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