Monday, November 29, 2010

Japonicas Jewelry.....(Via Made By Girl)

Hope you all had a fab Thanksgiving weekend. My guy surprised me with a weekend trip to California, he planned the whole trip! Will show you some pics of the trip later. 

Now.....If you're looking for pretty girly type jewelry, check out Japonicas creations! Japonicas meaning Japan white windflower is run by designers Jet & Ace. They create a handful of intricate pieces that any girl would love for her collection! They've appeared in several magazines including Seventeen Magazine this past May and are quite popular on Etsy! After looking through their shop my favorite is DEFINITELY the Chimes & Whispers necklace, made from antique brass with a very vintage feel to it. 

For those of you doing your HOLIDAY shopping now, Japonicas is offering 15% off of all necklaces with this CODE: Made By Japonicas. You can ONLY get this discount by shopping at their main site here.  Enjoy! 

 images via japonicas 

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