Friday, November 19, 2010

My Kitchen Update...(Via Made by Girl)

Thank you soooo much for those of YOU commented so far (on this post) & emailed giving us some suggestions regarding our kitchen re-do. I got 2 bids so far & will probably get two more this weekend! Based on OUR BUDGET and the bids, it doesn't seem like we may be getting uppers this time...

To be HONEST our budget is $5000 & that would have to cover painting cabinets white & some kind of uppers. (Am I crazy???)

Now, the only OTHER option we thought about was that WE paint ALL the cabinets ourselves and then use the rest of the money for uppers. Hmmmm . It's the labor that is KILLING this whole deal for me.....oh, decisions, decisions & all I want for CHRISTMAS is a white kitchen..... (ok, and uppers too)! 

(click on pic to see larger image)

I'll be HONEST, I'm a bit bummed out, but we have to move ahead & hope the next 2 bids give us some better news!

image by jen 

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