Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Robot Vacuum Cleaner....(Via Made By Girl)

I thought it would be SOOO much easier to clean up DOG HAIR on wood floors, but what I DIDN'T KNOW was that I would NOW be able to SEE THE HAIR!! Before, my floors were ALL carpet & it used to hide the hair. So if I didn't see it, I didn't think AS MUCH ABOUT it!  I NOW know how much my DOGS shed.....wow!!  

THE SOLUTION??? A robot. I invested in an AUTOMATIC vacuum cleaner. You know, the ROBOT that cleans your floors so you don't have to.

I purchased the i-Robot Roomba 532 Pet Series (the word pet sold me), and although it picks up the pet hairs, I still feel it could do a much BETTER job! However, I'm so glad I'm NOT WASTING MY TIME vacuuming anymore! After testing mine out, I decided to look around A BIT MORE & see what kind of cleaning robots they had out there. Below are some of the ones I found that really stood out.

TO BE HONEST, my Roomba is a good product, BUT it misses a lot of spaces!! It just doesn't clean in a back & forth motion. I'd rate mine a 4 out of 5.  For that, I am planning on (eventually) getting another one like the: Mint 4200 vacuum or the Neato XV-11 vacuum.  

It all depends on YOUR BUDGET and what you'll need it for. Some of these vacuums will go back to their docks once they're finished & some will recall their paths so they don't go back to the same area 3-4 times over (like mine does). You also have others that are programmable, which is a neat feature if you want to make sure your floors are CLEAN before you get home from work!! Now tell me... 

Do you have an automatic vacuum cleaner?? Which one? How do you like yours???

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