Thursday, November 25, 2010

Your Weekend.....(Via Made By Girl)

Time for me to get ready for our EARLY THANKSGIVING dinner....we're eating out since our ZGallerie table hasn't arrived yet!  It would've been our 1st THANKSGIVING in our new place... so I'm a bit disappointed. However, I'm certain the CHEF at the restaurant we're heading to will make a lovely meal! After dinner we'll be going on a WEEKEND GETAWAY.....finally!!!

Hope you ALL have a great thanksgiving & remember the things you are thankful for today & always...

I'm thankful for:

  • that my mother and father are alive & healthy
  • when my guy makes me dessert
  • my 2 dogs in good health
  • a man that cares about me & shows it
  • weekend getaways when I need it the most
  • a lovely place to live
  • being able to meet others that share the same beliefs
  • wood floors
  • my business is doing well
  • God in my life
  • my blog readers & the support they have given me for the last few years
  • going out to dinner on weekends
  • an upcoming renovated kitchen
  • gorgeous weather
  • new friends at my church
  • the invention of tiramisu
  • other bloggers i've met online who are super nice
  • the gift God gave me to be able paint & draw
  • the gift God gave me of creativity
  • the friends i havent seen in so long who still stay in touch
  • the fact that i'll get to eat a nice meal on thanksgiving
  • serving at my church
  • my best friend
  • art & music 
  • care for those in need
  • that my mother & i talk almost everyday on the phone

There's alot more i'm thankful for but these are some that came to mind this year. Talk to you Monday!

So tell me, what 2 things are you REALLY thankful for??!?


pic by jen


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