Monday, December 13, 2010

Crappy Update on Our Kitchen (Via Made by Girl)

I was so EXCITED when we first begun this kitchen cabinet renovation. Now I'm a bit BUMMED out....You see, the contractors were here, they prepped & sprayed into the night but when daylight hit (next day) I started seeing paint cracking on the kick boards!!! One kick board was even BUBBLING up!! 

I'm no EXPERT but I'm going to guess they must have skipped a step! Of course, we contacted the company immediately and they said they would fix the problem.  We are waiting to set a date, hopefully not too far into the Holiday season!! Tomorrow they're supposed to deliver the painted doors.....we hope those are done correctly!

This has brought a bit of STRESS for me this weekend & I may just be driving my guy nuts with the worrying. But, come on....when someone pays for a job, it should be done right.....right?!!?  The thing that really bothered me is that the contractor told us he didn't see any CRACKS or chipping. Did he even notice that when he removed his tape and plastic covers he ALSO removed the paint off my baseboards?!?! 

Sorry I'm venting here, but I need your support and hopefully some of you out there can relate. Maybe I just need to hear that it will be ok. Thanks to all of YOU for checking in with me on my blog, I truly appreciate all your comments.

Above is a picture of my kitchen this Monday morning, however you won't be able to see ALL the stuff I'm talking about from this far. Below is some of it. Either way, this is the stage we are right now! Hopefully, this will get done RIGHT before the Holidays!
 image by jen

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