Monday, December 6, 2010

Glimpse into My Weekend....(Via Made By Girl)

It's Monday again....and and what remains is a BIG mess in our kitchen. The contractor took all the cabinet doors/drawers from the kitchen as well as all the bathrooms. BUT, it should be done & painted this week! Woo hoo!  Then they'll be back for sanding & spraying this coming weekend...the part I'm dreading!

There will be DUST all over...LUCKILY, they said they'll be taping off the entire area. So, I guess it's take-out for a couple days....! Anyhow, I'm anxious to see how it will all turn out! For those of you selection was Benjamin Moore's 'simply white' - I think it'll go pretty well with the other whites!

(click pics for larger images)
above: kitchen cabinets removed and taken by contractors to be lacquered. 

above: the Ballard chandelier hung by my guy, he did pretty darn good job because that thing was HEAVY!  Also, I was informed that Ballard is NO LONGER carrying this chandelier...I wonder why?!?! Anyhow, this is supposed to be the main dining area, but the ZGallerie table we ordered hasn't arrived yet!

below: I decided to hang the Jeannie Mills painting at the 2nd floor landing. I love looking at it every time I go up the stairs. 

 below: a little bit of BEAUTY in the midst of the mess in the kitchen.

below: a much needed break with Blintzes from Trader Joe's - ever had these before? They're DAIRY FREE and super good! I have them with melted dark chocolate and sometimes strawberries!

below: this is going to be our Christmas tree this year... we decided that we'll keep it SIMPLE. Of course, we'll be elevating it a bit and adding some ornaments!

below: a few decor items in the first floor powder room

images by jen

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