Tuesday, December 14, 2010

One Gift Featuring Arianna Belle..(Via Made By Girl)

This series is called, "ONE GIFT UNDER YOUR TREE. Today, Ariana Belle from Arianna Belle Organized Interiors Blog will answer:

I'm kind of HEALTH NUT so I'd love it Santa brought me a brand new juicer.  I currently have a really old and heavy industrial one that is very loud and takes what seems like forever to CLEAN. I'd love a modern one like the Hurom Slow Juicer which juices not only fruits and veggies but also wheatgrass.  It'd make my goal of drinking 16 oz of green juice and 2 oz of wheatgrass daily a lot more feasible! :)

Arianna Vargas
Owner of Arianna Belle Inc.
Decluttering and Organizational Design Consultant
Los Angeles, California

Thanks Arianna! Stay tuned for more bloggers answering what one gift they'd like under their trees!

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