Monday, January 24, 2011

El Mueble Magazine...(Via Made By Girl)

Welcome back! Thanks for popping back in this Monday to read my blog! Hope you enjoyed your weekend! The weather has been so amazing here in Nevada, awfully warm for this time of year which is unusual, but I'm not complaining.

On another note, last week a reader directed me to El Mueble, a Spanish magazine. I love being introduced to new magazines...and the minute I hear about one I CAN'T WAIT to visit the site! 

Most of the time I'm impressed while other times I'm left feeling a bit DISAPPOINTED with the content. However, El Mueble was a pleasant surprise! Even though I don't have a physical copy it was great to be able to skim through their site!

Don't you love that most magazines have websites these days?

El Mueble, which (to me) means the Sofa in Spanish has a great website! Apparently Mueble also means furniture. FUNNY, in my dad's country Mueble is a sofa or couch.  Anyway, this is one of those mag sites that delivers good SIZED photos for you to actually stare at. Don't you hate it when mag sites put those teeny tiny pics??? 

 images via el mueble

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