Monday, January 17, 2011

Glimpse into My Master Closet...(Via Made By Girl)

Ahhh Monday again. Did you have a good weekend? I know some of you were snowed in with the storms, hopefully you're out & about today! The weather has been amazing here, couldn't ask for better!

On another note, this weekend we finished my MASTER CLOSET! Well, it's actually 98% finished. I'm still considering getting some LEOPARD print wallpaper for the section you can't see behind the doorway.

It's such a PLEASURE walking into my closet now, thanks to my dear husband, who made it all happen. I am in awe of his abilities & grateful to God for him! He bought the shoe shelves as plain wood at Home Depot and stained them to match the IKEA closet system. Brilliant!

above: AFTER (so happy)

below: BEFORE (so ugly)

It's all soooo exciting! I have plenty of storage now, with a bunch of large drawers and shelving for all my clothing & more. The shoe & handbag shelves are my favorite feels like a mini BOUTIQUE every time I walk into this closet!  

When I first started the project, I was UNSURE which direction to head in.  However, I knew I wanted something GLAM..... you know, the chandelier, leopard print and shoes  stacked endlessly on display!  

So, tell me...what do you think so far?

(Click on pics for larger images)

above: those are just a portion of my handbags, the rest are in the IKEA shelving and behind the door.

I think I own 35 handbags. Is that a lot? How many do YOU OWN????
I ACTUALLY had more shoes and handbags.....but I donated them.  If I don't use it after a year I will usually just donate it.

above: My hanging clothes are to the right behind the closet door.

Chandelier is from a local antique shop
Ornate medallion is from Home Depot
Leopard Runner by Ballard Designs
Closet System by IKEA

-images by jen

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