Thursday, January 27, 2011

This Deserves a Woo Hoo!... (Via Made By Girl)

Even after 4 1/2 yrs in business it STILL excites me to see my company, Made By Girl mentioned or featured in top notch magazines! I'm so thankful to God for these opportunities!  Sometimes the BEST PART is standing at the BOOK STORE & seeing my name or my work within the pages for all to see! 

I SWEAR,  I just want to tap the person next to me & say, "That's me!!!" - But I don't want to look like a CRAZY PERSON, so of course I don't do that. 

Thank you to Elle Decor and The Nest, two of my favorite places to to visit on the net!

Below, quoted in the nest in a feature on "How to Organize ....Everything"

below: mentioned in Elle Decor's website in an article called, "What We're Reading"

-top 2 images by jen

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