Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ceramics From Harabu House...(Via Made By Girl)

Ever since my KITCHEN was finished.... I've been looking around for cute little ceramics that I could display & use. I have a collection of SEA SALTS, spices & other that could work well with ceramics, especially to display at dinner parties! 

Harabu House just might be a great source to satisfy those little desires!  I'll let Shilpa the owner of Harabu House tell you more about her shop..... (in her own words) below. 

"I recently launched Harabu House, an online boutique for modern home accessories which has a global element to it. Having grown up in Singapore, I was exposed to varying influences, since Singapore is a country that bridges both modern and ancient cultures seamlessly.  

My design aesthetic tends to be primarily modern, with asian influences (indian, cambodian, thai, malay, japanese etc) in design and art. So some of the products i procure tend to lean in that direction. First and foremost modern, but with a bit of a global influence, if i can find it.  Also, several of my finds are handmade and eco-friendly as well." 

Thanks to Shilpa for sharing this with us!  I have to say my favorite is the salt & pepper cellar with the gold spoon! How cute would that look on my breakfast table?? Love it!

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