Monday, February 14, 2011

MY Guy & Valentine's Day...(Via Made By Girl)

There's something really SPECIAL about a man who shows his LOVE for a woman. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to marry a 'GOOD' man who showed the world he loved me. I went through MANY CRUSHES including one on SPIDERMAN - that never went anywhere!

Oh yes & RICKY Schroder, remember him?!?! (Silver Spoons). I even wrote Ricky a letter letting him know that I LOVED him & I was the girl for him. In fact, I even I told him I wanted to MARRY HIM! I mailed that letter one summer & never heard back....guess he didn't  feel the same way. 

Well, all my CRUSHES weren't TV guys, they also extended into real life. The REAL LIFE crushes I had were just that, crushes. I'd fall in love (usually from a distance, cause I was super shy) & the guy wouldn't even know it. Ever gone through that?!? That's the worst.  That happened to me for about 4 years in HIGH SCHOOL. The day I finally got the COURAGE to tell him I "REALLY REALLY REALLY" liked him, he was already taken. Figures.   

Needless to say, I learned MY LESSON that day:  always seize the moment.

These days I can rest assured that I no longer have to feel that feeling of having my heart broken or being told we aren't compatible....or even the CRAPPY realization that HE chose someone else over me. 

This Valentine's Day I AM LOVED by a man who is not afraid to show it. He goes far & beyond to bring a smile to my face and I'm thankful to God. No matter what field you're in, what type of JOB you have or don't, LOVE is something we all dream about & long for.
The reason I think 'we' still work is because we don't forget to do those little things that most people (after a few years together) take for granted.  That is what helps our LOVE grow....

This June, we'll be together for 13 YEARS & I still look forward to his arrival from work every afternoon.

When I woke up this morning, he had all these cut outs with the word "LOVE" all over my desk, bed, and bathroom. He's done this in the past & I love it.

This is the 3 layer cake he made me the night before Valentine's Day. I showed him a recipe I saw on Sweetapolita & he told me he was going to make it for me. He sure did!

Ok, it's not the SAME amazing ribbon frosting Rosie used, but his effort was genuine & sweet! It's a butter cream frosting with dark chocolate cake.....& it was delicious! Wish I could share some WITH ALL of you!!

Some of you had asked me if my guy was a chef....he isn't. He did take some culinary courses in college though & his mom is a pastry chef in Hawaii. So, she did teach him a few things....lucky me.

above: I sneaked a quick pic of him (from my iphone)  making my cake....

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you & to my sweet guy xoxo.

-images by jen ramos

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