Friday, February 18, 2011

Peek into My Guest Room...(Via Made By Girl)

Friday is finally here!! What will you be up to this weekend? Anything planned? As for me, my family will be in town. Very exciting because I finally finished the guest bedroom, (well, it's 98% finished) but still needs a piece of ART behind the bed I think. No? Maybe? Yes?

My upholsterer delivered my WING Back last night, & I'm super HAPPY with the way it turned out! It makes the room look so chic! What do you think? 

Some of you may recall when I bought that DARN wingback chair at Pier1 Imports a few years ago. It was actually a black & white flowery fabric....which NOW looks old FARTY!!  Hmmm guess that's why they no longer sell this chair! Anyhow, I'm glad I thought to get it re-upholstered & give it a new look instead of listing it on CRAIGSLIST. Definitely something I recommend instead of spending more money buying something new! 

I really think my MOM will be impressed with the guest room + I did it with her in mind....

The GORGEOUS 108" black velvet panels are from Curtain Works. They were kind enough to send these to me as a gift & they were perfect for my guest bedroom! 

(click on pics for larger image)

For those of you interested in HOW TO measure appropriately when hanging curtain panels, here are some great TIPS provided by Curtain Works.

1). Hardware should be mounted one to three inches above the top of the window frame.

2). To achieve fullness, curtains & draperies should be 1 1/2-3times the finial measured width of the window.

3). Decide how long you want your curtains. Common lengths are above the sill, below the sill & floor length. 

4). Always measure your curtains from the top of the pocket to the bottom of the panel.

5). Don't forget to add the one to three inches to the mounted hardware, or a few extra inches to floor if you want a pool effect!

Mirrored night stands: Target
Zebra Hide : Ebay
Headboard: Target
Curtains: Curtain Works
Black & White IKAT pillows: Fabricadabra
Aluminum Horn Table: Seventh Avenue
Chair: Originally Pier 1 -(now custom reupholstered).


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