Monday, July 14, 2008

Bachelor Pad Sneak Peak

So, we had our first installation of furniture last week at the Bachelor Pad and the changes have been amazing if I do say so myself. Just in case you forgot what this wall looked like before, I've included the original incarnation below. Of course, it's still not finished. There is a lot left to do here and all over the apartment. I need to find a mirror for above the fabulous vintage console I bought from Pieces in Atlanta. More of them later. I also am waiting to hang the beautiful framed book plates of sculptures at Versailles that I bought at Christopher Filley in Kansas City. I left the candle sticks in the back since there was no mirror but they probably won't stay there. The Buddha heads from the flea market stand look right at home on the console too. I do have to crawl down under the console to touch up the spots that the painters missed soon though. Oh, and for all those of you who scoffed at the art books I was buying for the Bachelor, he said to fret not. He loves them all and will definitely read them. They also give me something to read while I wait for the furniture deliveries! Ha!

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