Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dear Jessica Seaton, I love your jewelry.....

Hello everyone! Looks like the weekend is quickly we can all relax a bit. It's been so WINDY here in LAS VEGAS, and really difficult to open your eyes outside without getting dust flying in it!   

Is the weather just as CRAZY in your part of town?? 

On another note, Jessica Seaton is one of my newest designer favorites! I find her jewelry so intriguing & eye-catching! It's a type of jewelry that is one-of-a kind and you won't see plastered everywhere. My fave is the deer antler knuckle ring. I know it looks like it can POKE your eye out, but come on, it's not meant to be worn every day or while you're asleep!  Fashion is supposed to be fun & interesting...and Jessica's jewelry is just that. You can find her unique pieces at Free People.

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