Friday, March 26, 2010

Keeping my EYE on.....

There are days, I wish I could re-design MY HOME. Move around furniture, or just sell what I have & start new! I think I feel like this just about every 3months. Is that so bad? It may have to do with the fact that I frequent so many blogs and that gets my creative juices flowing.  My husband wonders why I like to change things up so much....I tell him. "Hey, at least it's just furniture & not you." Ha! He laughs.  

But IT'S TRUE....If I had the time, I would shop every 3 - 4 months for my home!  I love the feel of a NEW sofa, a new coffee table, new book, a lamp & so forth. How about you? Maybe in a dream world we would all be able to afford new furniture every time we wanted it & somehow magically get rid of the old stuff (if you couldn't sell it). Here are items I'm keeping my eye on, although I have already purchased 2 things from this list. Enjoy your weekend! 

tufted headboard by wake up frankie
 throw by west elm

sheepskin rug IKEA

image above here

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