Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Wedding Pics by Photographer Yvonne Wong...

Speaking of promised, here are some photos of mine which took place this past January 8th, 2010. My makeup was done by Arizona makeup artist, Corinna Cooke, she airbrushed it & it NEVER got oily!! I wish I had that done everyday! She also added individual lashes onto my me longer lashes minus the fake look! 

All in all, this was a very DIY Wedding, we wanted to prove that anyone can have a GREAT time & a beautiful day without spending a ton of $.  Hope you enjoy these! 

(click on pics for larger images)

Our cake was made by my mother-in-law. saved us money, as some of you know Wedding cakes can range anywhere from $300 and up!  I love fondant, and it tasted AMAZING! The top piece was all coconut and the mini-cakes were vanilla & chocolate swirl!

We got married at a beautiful golf course/country club in Nevada called Canyon Gate. Ever heard of it?

This was one of my favorite table pieces, the L-O-V-E plates. We had them filled with chocolate covered strawberries! The plates are from Wedding Star.

The customized chocolates had our names on them...they were so adorable! We got them at American Bridal.

I picked u the idea above from a couple of wedding blogs I came across before the BIG day...everyone loved it!!  My husband & brother made the leaves very carefully....

We actually made our own MENUS as well. They had templates on the Martha Stewart website and all we did was change the outline to our green color and chose a font for our menu list.

This was our table setting before we all sat down to eat. My husband packed all the roses & wheat grass into the glass containers the night before. (He used to work in a flowers shop that his mother owned when he was he's quite skilled). We used Wheat grass from Whole Foods Market as well as 150 white ROSES we ordered from Cool River Farms. The centerpieces were so amazingly pretty, they are real Manzanita branches and are from Blooms and Branches.

 Pretty little doves we got at Michael's Craft Store.

Customized Stencil for the CAPPUCCINOS we served our guests from Coffee Stencil

We made the 2 columns above from branches. We bought some tall glass vases and filled them in with white rocks (to keep them sturdy).  The branches are real & are actually from the HUGE TREE in our front yard!

Our gorgeous handmade ring cushion by Anna Whitford

My old Hollywood Crystal Rhinestone hair clip by Feather and Frills

My DRESS by Calvin Klein from Neiman Marcus

images copyright yvonne wong

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