Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rebecca Omweg Stylish Cases for iPhone... (Via Made by Girl)

Of course, I keep finding things to put on my HOLIDAY wishlist....poor hubby. LOL What is he going to choose?!? I wonder.

Either way, I'm on a Python craze and I'm obsessing over all things PYTHON. I came across designer Rebecca Omweg who designs STYLISH handmade snakeskin cases for electronic devices (that means my iPhone too).  I don't own an iPAD but if you do check out the pretty bright pink python case, now that is cute.

On my wish list is the classic python ivory case seen here. It's subtle, yet chic. I swear APPLE really needs to get on board and offer cases like these....I have visited the APPLE store a bazillion times and can't seem to find a DECENT (nice looking) case for my iPhone 4. Almost IMPOSSIBLE!
images via rebecca omweg

Thankfully there are designers like Rebecca out there catering to people like me with a design sense....know what I mean?!?

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