Tuesday, November 16, 2010

We Stretched the Jeannie Mills Canvas...(Via Made By Girl)

I FINALLY got my Jeannie Mills canvas wrapped/stretched. NOOO, not professionally, this time I decided that me & my hubby would do it ourselves! Even though I was shaking at the knees, we went for it.  As you can see, here's our first try....not bad huh?!? Thank God nothing bad happened while we were playing Mr. & Mrs DIY.  

We ALSO bought a custom frame & are awaiting it's arrival! I'm SUPER excited to hang this aboriginal art in our new place. I have another painting I bought that's much LARGER than this one, it's by Janet Golder (she's also a popular aboriginal artist). 

 If you're LOOKING TO BUY some aboriginal artwork, expect to dish out several $100's of dollars, if not more, they can be pricey depending on the artist!! 

Jeannie Mills usually SELLS OUT quickly, I'm quite excited we got this one! You can also check Ebay for this kind of art, and a few deals hopefully!

images by jen ramos

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