Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Morning At My Place....(Via Made By Girl)

It's Friday.....the CONTRACTORS ARE HERE & they're starting to tape things off in the kitchen as well as ALL the bathrooms. Looks like it'll be sanding today & spraying tomorrow morning! I'm really NOT looking forward to the sanding part! Hmmmm, I'm so STARVED right now, all the food is packed & nothing solid to eat!! Ugh.

My guy stayed home from work today (but he's still working from home) & I'm thinking I'm going to STEAL HIM away & go grab a bite outside! I'll be taking pics of the KITCHEN RENOVATION as we go along, so you'll get to see all the exciting!!!!

In the meanwhile, here's a new PAINTING I did a few days ago. I was so INSPIRED after going to the Getty, I pulled out the paintbrush. As you can see it's pretty darn BIG!  I'm very much into WHITE these days, so this painting definitely brings a splash of COLOR & happiness to my home! The way I applied the paint reminds me of LIPSTICK

Anyway, I DO need to frame it STILL, any ideas what kind of frame??

images by jen

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