Wednesday, December 15, 2010

'One Gift' Featuring Tamara Styles...(Via Made By Girl)

This series is called, "ONE GIFT UNDER YOUR TREE. Today, Tamara Styles from Get It Girl Style will answer:

Reason: I love taking my Ipad on the go with me, and I need it to travel in style. I see guys all the time whip our the Ipad with the basic black case, and I don’t think there is anything fun or feminine about that at all. I have handbags from Rebecca's collection, so when I spotted the Ipad sleeve, my jaw dropped with love.

All I could see was hearts, and stars. The purple color is so VIBRANT, and the texture just shows that there was thought put into the design. There is a sleeve inside for personal notes, or papers which is very convenient, along with small gold studs for an extra kick of edge. It just says “I AM A WOMAN WITH STYLE, AND I LOVE MY IPAD". My fingers are crossed on this case. I haven't let my husband know that I want it. I may just “surprise” myself.

Tamara Styles
Interior Decorator/Blogger

Thanks Tamara! Stay tuned for more bloggers answering what one gift they'd like under their trees!

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