Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Update on My Day......(Via Made by Girl)

Hey everyone, how's your DAY going so far?? 

As for me, I've been dealing with this kitchen RENOVATION for a few days now, I feel exhausted. Today the door installer is here, and I admit he's actually doing a pretty decent job. Thank God. Unlike the other contractors who were a bit of a mess! WOW, I now have a white kitchen!  

All we need next is: 
  • Back splash
  • Panel around the island 
  • Hardware

Well, I ordered the hardware from some company online on December 4th, and they still haven't shipped! That's not nice is it?? Well, you can be sure I'll be on the phone after this post looking to ask where the hardware is. If they haven't shipped, I'm just going to ask for a REFUND & go elsewhere to buy them. Anyway, more pics coming soon!

In the meanwhile, I filled up the plain wall behind my desk with another painting I did!  It's a smaller version of the LARGE ART piece I did for our living room. What do you think? Adds a bit of PRETTY to my work space no??

image by jen

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