Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year...New Dining Table..(Via Made By Girl)

And.... we are back! Thanks to all of you who left comments as well as tweets & emails wishing me a Happy New Year! We went out to eat a steakhouse near the strip & then headed home at around 10:45pm to catch the fireworks from our upstairs balcony! Luckily we have a great view of the strip.
  So, tell me how did you spend your New Year??

Also, our ZGallerie dining table finally arrived! We ordered it back in October & it had been on back order, but it is now here safe & sound...ready for some upcoming dinner parties! I shot these pics earlier today so you could see the progress. The table is a really solid piece but I warn you, it has a ton of screws...

(click on pics for larger images)

In the meanwhile, I'll be SEARCHING for a dining room buffet piece. It'll end up going underneath the large black & white painting to sort of fill in the space.

I admit, I HAVE NO IDEA what type of buffet to get!
If anyone has any SUGGESTIONS on what type of buffet or color & so on, please feel free to comment.

images by jen

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