Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Elizabeth Sullivan Designs A Nursery...(Via Made By Girl)

I've been getting a BUNCH OF EMAILS from a lot of you out there regarding your home. Some emails were TOO LARGE & I had to delete them while others didn't fit the requirements. So, hopefully no one will get OFFENDED if I didn't select your pictures! 

This particular submission came in from a talented Interior Designer named Elizabeth Sullivan. It's not necessarily part of her home but a nursery she put together for a client. 

In Elizabeth's own words, "It was a very low budget, we bought everything online and had it sent to her house, then I went out and painted the stripes and put it all together in one day!" 

Well, I think she did a fantastic job! If I had a baby, this is the STYLE of nursery I'd gravitate towards. When I look at the WALL OF BOOKS it makes me want to pick one up & read it! It's also a smart way to ENTICE children to READ by including in within the decor!

Also check out Elizabeth's blog here

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